Using Bach Rescue® Remedy as an asthma home remedy

December 27th, 2010

Anxiety is the inverse of pleasure.  When the emotion of tantalizing pleasure, sourced from our sexuality, makes it all the way from our root chakra all the way out to the level of the skin, we know a silky, languid, delicious feeling.  As a result, we feel calm and relaxed.  We want these expansive sensations to last forever.  However, in the case of anxiety and asthma, the inverse is the case.  Energy goes from the skin into the core of our being, causing sensations of contraction, fear, heart palpitations and restricted breathing.  In acute situations, it can help to focus on the exhalation or visualize that you are in the arms of your Lover!  Now there is the best asthma home remedy.

E-motions (or “Energy in motion”) that are converted into conscious action are liberating and life-affirming.  However, neurotic behaviors from over-intellectualism, will actually produce asthma and anxiety attacks.  The polarity of fear is in fact hope and if I have the courage to embrace my fear, following it down the proverbial “rabbit hole,” I will usually find that it bumps headlong into a false belief.  

For example, if I affirm my feelings, I might start out by saying, “I am frightened.  I am knee bumping little-kid scared.  I’ve been afraid all my life.  I’m afraid people are going to see that I am stupid.  Hey, wait a minute, I’m not stupid.  In fact, I’m pretty smart!”  Ahh, so there was the etiology or cause and by recognizing and affirming the emotion, it will convert to its polarity.  Fear that people will think we’re stupid, for example, can provoke all kinds of anxiety-provoking symptoms.  Asthma is actually a symptom of anxiety resultant of feeling emotionally suffocated in some aspect of my life.

If this exercise seems beyond your capacity, you might have to engage with a therapist who knows how to release trapped emotions like fear, anger, grief and resentment.  Another brilliant tool you can use are flowers!  Bach Rescue® Remedy, as an asthma home remedy is available at most pharmacies and health food stores.  It is quick and effective for calming anxiety and fear, potentially short-circuiting the potential for an asthma attack.  Dr. Edward Bach combined the following flowers together and the results can help you convert the anxiety into faith, hope and charity.  Here is a description of the safe ingredients and their positive effects on the mind:
      • Impatiens : Literally, for the feeling of being impatient; for the mind racing ahead and not able to stay focused on the moment
      • Star of Bethlehem : for states of shock
      • Cherry Plum : The feeling of impending loss of control of thoughts or actions
      • Rock Rose : Deep fears or panic
      • Clematis : For states of daydreaming or being ungrounded; Helps to anchor back into the sensations of the body and the  living reality of the moment

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