How to use steam as an asthma home remedy

December 13th, 2010

Asthma is a caused by a restriction in the bronchi and alveoli (little branch-like filaments where air is exchanged by the lungs into the blood stream).  There can be congealed or even hardened mucus along these airways if you are a bronchitis or asthma sufferer.  Steam is a great asthma home remedy because of the very nature of water.  The dynamic nature of hydrogen and oxygen, in a combined state, can produce a liquid, solid or gas.  The water in our own bodies is just like the primordial sea and makes up almost 80% of our physical body.  

Asthma is a hardening, restrictive and constricted state of being.  When you use steam to break up the mucus in the bronchial airways, you are actually encouraging the expansive, free-flow and motile function of the body in its more natural, healthy state.  Water turned to gas, by its very nature is expansive, creating an impulse in the body to expand and allow the mucus to be released and drained from the formerly constricted bronchi.

If you add a teaspoon of Himalayan salts to purified or bottled water* heat it in a pot over the stove to almost boiling where the steam is coming up from the pot, take a tea towel and drape it over your head in order to mimic a mini-steam room.  Turn off the burner and inhale for about 5-10 minutes.  Do not heat the water to boiling as this may burn the delicate alveoli in the lungs causing detrimental effects.

In this vein of thinking, humidifiers in the winter months, or a pot of water left on the furnace register in the bedroom, can be helpful in distributing vapor into the air.  As an effective asthma home remedy, it keeps infusing dryer air with more expansive moisture making it easier to breath for an asthma sufferer.  While steam is helpful when the lungs feel chronically congested, it is not recommended during an acute asthma attack as it can exacerbate the issue, inducing a feeling of suffocation.

*Do not use city water with Chlorine or Fluoride as you may cause harm to yourself by breathing in these harmful chemicals.

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